The Making of Annie

Cale Kennedy, Reporter

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For the past several weeks preparations for Annie continue.  Amanda Stauffer was asked about her role in the upcoming musical in which she replied that she has a minor role as a maid. She was also asked her thoughts on the musical being Annie,  “I thought it would be an interesting musical because of the youthful aspects.” Stauffer confirmed that the musical will be presented from Friday March 6th to Sunday March 8th . The dance numbers are elaborate but, said Stauffer, they are fun. Stauffer added, “I think all of the roles are fairly distributed, because everyone put forth effort.”

Alicia McCrady was also interviewed about the upcoming musical, where she also has a minor role. McCrady was also asked her thoughts on performing  Annie  replies, “It’s a hard knock life, but the sun will come out tomorrow.” McCrady also feels that the dances are enjoyable, and is fine with her part in the show.

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