Talent Show

Hannah Wilson, Reporter

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Friday, May 22nd was East Pennsboro Area High School’s annual Talent Show. Senior Himani Pathak and her friend Rumee Gyawali performed a Bollywood style dance. The duo practiced roughly once a month starting in November. Her sophomore year, Pathak danced with now-graduated Shefali Amin, Chandni Patel, Shivanee Patel, and Rumee Gyawali. She did not dance her junior year to make her senior year performance more meaningful. Because Pathak has been dancing since she was four, and had six years of classical dance training, she says the Talent Show performance was “no big deal.” Having so much experience dancing helped ease her worries about getting on state in front of her peers. Her extensive knowledge of the Bollywood style paid off, and Pathak and Gyawali won Most Talented. Other than her own, Pathak says her favorite act was Lance Samuel’s band.

Fellow senior Lance Samuel also performed at the Talent Show, only his act was musical. He and senior friends, Ethan Andersen, Spencer Melnick, and Stephen Melnick, performed as the band Into The Void. They sang the popular song “Trees” by Twenty-One Pilots. Samuel was the vocalist, and his friends were instrumental. Last year, Into The Void sang an original song, and everyone enjoyed the act. Due to his many years in Band and Chorus, Samuel is used to being on stage, and said he only gets nervous backstage beforehand. Once he is on stage, he’s “feeling great.” His favorite act was the Indoor Percussion performance, but he also really enjoyed Ethan Andersen and Dominic DeCinti hosting the show.

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