Math Department’s Response to Schedule Changes

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We asked a majority of the math teachers if they like the new scheduling or not. Many of the teachers said that they were not in favor of the semester scheduling. Their concern is that there wouldn’t be enough time to cover complete lessons and there would be no time for practice. The schedule we have now mimics a college-like schedule which prepares students for what’s coming next. High school is supposed to prepare us to move on and with 45 minute classes, it’s not doing the job. The workload for students and teachers would increase by a lot. Teachers would have more students and more things to grade and students would have the work of two extra classes. Many students participate in extracurricular activities and have jobs, which makes school and all the work stressful enough. One of the teachers said that he wishes there was more support coming from the parents and administration members. With the new scheduling, teachers would have to work together to teach the same thing since classes will increase. It will be hard to adapt to the new scheduling for both students and teachers. Some students need the hour long classes to fully understand what is being taught. There won’t be enough time for questions to be asked and who knows if we’ll have a flex period. Flex periods will be overflowing with students and questions will still go unanswered.

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