New Fire Drill Procedure

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We’re taking attendance for everyone’s safety. There is a lot of small things that the teachers need to do to ensure safety. Checking names makes sure that we have everyone out of the building. For example, if there was a fire in a room, and there were only a few kids in that room, then there would be no way of knowing if the kids are safe. We are required by law to do one per month, and we actually do them during the summer as well. We make sure that we notify the fire company that it is a drill, so that they don’t come unnecessarily. We also rotate through the building and check through all of the pulse stations, making sure that they all work.  It all comes back to student and staff safety. We are counting for not only students that are absent, but also staff. It does take longer, and we try to do them on nice days, but when there is a real fire, we don’t get to pick the weather.


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