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Ethan Kesner and Bryce Snedeker

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We are all getting quite familiar with the black little cases that carry what will drive East Penn in the future, or that’s their purpose at least. Students have varied opinions on the new laptops. “I don’t like the chromebooks. They’re expensive to supply the whole school and that money could have been spent elsewhere” says freshman, Nick Embleton. He doesn’t think they’re implemented well but says that doesn’t mean they never will be.

On the other side of the spectrum though, we have students who like the new laptops and think that they’re great for school and improve learning. “I really like the chromebooks and think that they make learning much more convenient” senior, Katelyn Morris, told us.

The new Sapphire system does not have two sides to the opinion. It is overwhelmingly hated among students! Considering students are currently restricted from viewing grades, these opinions are quite understandable. The students are hopeful however, that the Sapphire program will turn into another Eschool, which was very convenient and easy to use. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” exclaims Ameer Rashwan, who is currently a sophomore. It seems that students have their fingers crossed that the future is bright blue for Sapphire.
Overall though, the majority of students here at East Pennsboro High School feel that it is too early in the year to determine whether the Chromebooks and Sapphire were worth the investment. At the present time, the chromebooks seem to be sufficient and once streamlined more than currently, should improve learning capabilities and make it easier to turn in assignments, check grades, and do work from home. Only time will tell, but most students are positive and think the next few years will make the chromebook experience much more enjoyable. Some hopefuls such as Payton Morris, think that once figured out and fixed, the Sapphire program will be usable and productive. “It has potential”, is what Payton remarked.

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