Kylie Cotner, Reporter

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Scott Sutton, ex-basketball coach at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma has opened up about the events leading up to his termination this Monday. Although his career ended after some childish, petty actions occurred against him, the most interesting thing that he has said thus far, has to do with his players, rather than himself.


Sutton opened up about the strict recruiting guidelines that he had no choice but to follow during his time as coach. Oral Roberts president, Billy Wilson, told not only Sutton, but other leaders in the basketball program, “to recruit only professed Christians,” Tulsa World reporter Bill Haisten claims. This statement apparently stems from the school’s intense Christian beliefs, and made specific regards to tattooed players on their basketball team.


Although this is clearly not the first time that people who choose to express themselves in a way that may seem peculiar to others, this is definitely an unfortunate way to discriminate. Obviously beliefs vary, there is an outstanding theme between Christianity and discrimination of tattooed people. Not only does this bring to light the reality of how unfortunately strict some institutions are, it also brings to light the fact that the smallest infractions – that some may not even see as a problem – can cause a problem that can end someone’s career, even if it is only in sports.

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