New French President

Tara Reed, Reporter

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At 39, Emmanuel Macron will be sworn in as France’s youngest president. He has never held elected office. The election left Frances decades-old socialist and republican political elite reeling, and became a choice between a relative novice from the centre of politics and a populist agenda. In his victory speech, Mr Macron told his fellow countrymen and women that France had turned a new page and spoke of hope and renewed trust. He has promised a new, dynamic France that is both socially and business-friendly. Half of his candidates for next month’s parliamentary elections are women, half are from civil society. He swept the board geographically in the election. Marine Le Pen, his opponent only won two of France’s 107 departments. He won the first round well ahead of the other candidates and attracted voters from many of those he had defeated. His opponent’s backing remained largely confined to her tradition strongholds in France’s north, north-east and south-east.

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