Gun n Roses Reunion

Jake Fisher

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“Boy oh boy! I never thought this day would come,” said no one ever. That’s the main reaction that most people had about the Guns n Roses reunion. Don’t get me wrong here, having one of the most successful and controversial Rock n Roll bands reunite at one of the biggest music festivals in the world is some crazy news to hear at first. Unfortunately, this news is only exciting for fathers between the ages of 40 to 50, as well as the high school students that believe they were born in the wrong era for music and only wear metal band shirts from a tour they never went to.

The past few decades hasn’t really been easy for ol’ GNR. Late into their career, after having ridiculous fight over drug addiction, fame, so on, and so forth, the only remaining member for GNR was Axl Rose. Axl, thriving off the music he made in his Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll lifestyle, tried really hard to make himself relevant in the late 90’s and early 2000’s but was unsuccessful.  

Poor, Poor Axl, we get you love to rock, but no one can take you seriously when you’re the only original band member that toured under the Guns N Roses name in recent tours. Every show is trying to replicate what happened many years ago during the band’s prime time, but the shows and the recaps of everything you’ve done in recent memory kind of awkward and cringe worthy.  But wait, there’s more!

All of the sudden, Coachella tries something really ballsy to say the least. Guns n Roses has been announced to headline one of the weekends at the festival, after years of no one really caring about the band at this point. Social media (especially music blogs and websites) were in shock and awe about this decision, but were left scratching their heads. Will Izzy Stardling be involved? Remember him? Yeah, neither do it.

What about the other band mates? I thought they hated each other. Will they release new material? Will anything be played from Chinese democracy? I sure hope not. Just a little history lesson, Chinese democracy was the last GNR album that was released in September of 2008. Not only is it considered a huge flop of a comeback album, but one of the worst albums to come out in recent years. Once this disaster-piece went public, the name of Guns n’ Roses went silent. But look no further.  Let’s just wait and see what kind of trouble Axl will cook up after one of the sound guys messes up his vocals while performing (in reference to his angry stage antics). Me personally, I’m hoping and expecting something funny comes out of this.

If you watch the stream of them playing live and something goes wrong, turn off your computer, lay down, listen to something quiet and depressing like a Slint album, and cry yourself to comfort. Much love from your local “Mr. I think I know music” man, Jacob Fisher.

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