Car in the River

Matt Slates, reporter

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Early Tuesday morning there was a man inside his car who ended up in the river. Police responded to a 911 call early tuesday morning about the accident that had taken place. Front street was shut down in Harrisburg all day to get as much evidence as to what happened. The man who was driving the car was a simple man, there was no evidence that would say that he was doing it on purpose or had any plan on getting out of the car when it went into the river. The police/recovery team said it was extremely hard to get the car and the man out of the river given that the water was 9-10 feet high. The only part of the car that was semi visible was the roof of the car. Once the car was pulled from the river the man was already dead. They sent the car and the man away to be examined to figure out what the heck happened with this guy. No witnesses have came forward as to seeing the car go into the river or knowing who the man was and what he was doing. The police are going off of pretty much nothing at the moment to figure out what happened. No other information has been released as to what other things have taken place.

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