Madison Garlinger, reporter

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Students are not only planning for prom, but stressing to make sure prom night is the most memorable experience possible. Every detail is perfectly planned out, from the right date to making sure the nail polish is just the ride shade. Junior and senior guys are pressured into asking their date in a creative way. After figuring out who they are going with friends groups have to figure out picture times and the location. Typically, girls will get up early to take a shower and get their hair done. Whether they choose an updo or wear their hair down a trip with friends to the salon is a must. A look is not complete without the perfect face of makeup.  They will finally go home and put on the dress that they have spent forever dreaming about and plenty of money buying. Their date will show up with a corsage,  that his mother probably picked out, and the girl will have to figure out how to pin a boutonnière to his jacket without pricking her finger and bleeding on her dress. Prom is supposed to be a fun way to end the year, but as years past it has become more stressful.


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