Boy’s Tennis

Ian Smith, Reporter

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The East Pennsboro Area High School Boy’s Tennis Team wrapped up their weak at Mid-Penn, an event showing off the best talents in Central Pennsylvania. The team’s star Nemanja Jovic still remains undefeated, defeating his opponents at Mid-Penn. Jake Henry defeated a James Buchanan student in a 3 hour showdown, ending in his opponent’s forfeit from cramps. However, Jake lost in his division’s semi-finals to a Trinity High School student.


The other players, including Tristan Mial, Nate Stahlman, Jacob Doll, and Ethan Kesner, and Evan Haas.


Nemanja was the number one seed for singles division 1. Nate Stahlman was the number four seed for singles division 2. Jake Henry was the unseeded in division 3. Evan Haas and Tristan Mial played in doubles division 1. Jacob Doll and Ethan Kesner played in doubles division 2.


The team finished the season with a league record of 8-2, and most of the team is happy with their accomplishment.  Jake Henry says he is especially happy that he got to play singles in mid-penn, one of the few times he did this season.

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