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Matthew Slates
Matt Slates is a senior at East Pennsboro Area High School. He lives with his three year old sister Katie and his mom and stepdad. He also has two dogs and a cat. This summer, he vacationed in New Orleans. His hobbies and interests include spending time outside and his favorite place to be is New Orleans. In school, he excels in the subject of history. But he has the most difficulty with science, because it doesn’t make any sense. Matt’s favorite subject is web page development because he gets to work on the computer. His least favorite subject is math because letters and numbers confuse him. To keep up with the current events of the world, Matt reads the news on his phone and watches CNN. He is looking forward to graduating this year and being able to become a hard working man of society. If there was something that he would like people to know it is that he’s a hard worker…except when it comes to school; he is not a big fan.

Matthew Slates, reporter

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