New York Approves Free Tuition

Tara Reed, Reporter

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Last Friday New York approved legislation to provide free tuition for students at New York State’s public colleges and universities. This will change the lives of students at public colleges across the state. The Excelsior Scholarship is expected to cut the cost of a degree by roughly $26,000. This means that over the four years this family will still have to spend around $57,000. To qualify, students must attend high school full time and be on track to graduate within two to four years depending on the degree they would like. Some low income students have to put their education on pause to help support their family. This scholarship is known as a “last dollar” program that kicks in on of other scholarships and grants, its benefit to the poorest students would be limited. Tuition bills at City University of New York are among the lowest in the country, with two and four year tuition ranging between $4,350 and $6,470 are more often than not covered by Federal Pell grants or state aid. The things these kids need help with most will not be covered by this program. This will only help a small portion of students.

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